My Community Dividend is a new NSW Government initiative to improve the wellbeing of the people and communities of NSW. It gives the community the opportunity to vote on projects proposed by local residents.

My Community Dividend is made possible by the NSW Generations Fund, a dual-purpose sovereign fund that combines the two-fold objective of debt retirement with citizen-led community investment.

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Frequently asked questions

In 2019, $24.4 million will be available for projects under My Community Dividend, which will be distributed equally across all 93 NSW electorates. 

An applicant can seek between $20,000 and $200,000 for their project. 

Equal funding will be distributed across all 93 NSW state electorates to ensure communities across the state have the opportunity to secure funding for local projects. 

Projects must improve the everyday lives and wellbeing of NSW residents and communities, be accessible to the community, and able to be completed within 12 months. 

Projects must fit into one of the six program categories:

  • Safe communities – projects that promote a safe and secure community, in which people can participate and enjoy the benefits of community life.
  • Accessible communities – projects that make everyday life more inclusive to all members of the community by increasing mobility and accessibility in communities. 
  • Revitalising communities – projects that foster stronger community bonds, and encourage social engagement and participation in public programs. 
  • Healthy communities – projects that support the community’s physical and mental wellbeing by enabling healthy and active lifestyles. 
  • Liveable communities – projects that improve local amenity and environment.
  • Cultural communities – projects that increase opportunities for residents to participate in arts and cultural activities. 

Examples of projects that could fall within these themes include playgrounds, community mobility services, public gardens, upgrades to local sporting facilities, public artworks and festivals, programs for at-risk youth and healthy lifestyle initiatives. 

NSW residents aged 16 years and over can participate in My Community Dividend, both by submitting project ideas and voting for eligible projects. 

My Community Dividend will open for project nominations in April 2019.

To vote for a project, verified NSW residents will be able to view and vote online for eligible projects within their NSW state electorate of residence. Voting will open across NSW in mid-2019.

As part of the application process, applicants will need to identify an eligible organisation to sponsor their project to manage and deliver it if the project receives funding. Sponsors could be local councils, schools, sporting clubs and community groups.

If a project is successful, the relevant sponsor will need to enter into a funding deed with the NSW Government. 

The sponsor will receive the funding and be responsible for delivering the project according to agreed delivery milestones.

Individuals can propose a community project and get the support of a project sponsor to deliver the project. 

NSW residents then vote for the projects in their electorate they would like to see funded to make their community an even better place to live.

Residents will be able to vote online with other channels of support, for project/s located within their NSW state electorate of residence. 

The NSW Generations Fund is a dual-purpose sovereign fund that combines the two-fold objective of debt retirement with citizen-led community investment. 

The NSW Generations Fund’s assets are dedicated to debt retirement, offsetting the State’s debt in line with the principles of the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2012 and supporting the triple-A credit rating. 

As the NSW Generations Fund grows, up to 50 per cent of the investment returns will enable investment in local communities through My Community Dividend. 

This innovative dual-purpose fund will benefit present and future generations of NSW residents, managing debt at sustainable levels over the longer term while investing in community wellbeing today.

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