The NSW Government is committed to building a stronger, more resilient agricultural sector. This Budget supports regional industries and communities with a key aim of assisting farmers during the present drought crisis. 

The Government is investing $1.7 billion to build stronger, sustainable and productive regional industries across the State, including:

  • $355 million to extend critical drought assistance measures for farmers and rural communities
  • $170 million for the Drought Stimulus Package
  • $185 million in on-farm Emergency Drought Relief measures including continuing transport cost rebates and waiving annual land rates
  • an additional $350 million towards the Farm Innovation Fund
  • $3.4 million investment to start the process of extending the Wild Dog Exclusion Fence 
  • $24.4 million towards delivering three new Doppler radars in Western NSW
  • $15 million to build on partnerships with groups like GRDC, CSIRO and the University of New England to develop new R&D capacity and help keep our primary producers world leading.