Wilton Public School

This Government remains committed to delivering a high quality education for our kids to set them up for success.

Student enrolments in NSW Government schools are projected to grow by 21 per cent, or 164,000 students, over the next 15 years.

This Budget delivers $15.7 billion of education expenditure in 2017-18, including funding for around 1,000 extra teachers.

The Government has committed $4.2 billion over four years for capital works across NSW schools. This includes $2.2 billion for new capital works projects to commence over the next two years. This will deliver more than 1,500 new classrooms. This Government’s significant investment will deliver new and renewed schools to enable a high-quality education in NSW.

This Budget also delivers $411.3 million of additional funding to address backlog maintenance in schools. This investment means a record $747.4 million will be spent over the next four years to ensure our kids can achieve their full potential in the right environment for learning.