Regional New South Wales is a key driver of the State’s economic prosperity, producing around a fifth of the total NSW Gross State Product. One-third of the NSW population call regional New South Wales home, and thousands more spend time in the regions each year for study and work, to visit family and friends, and experience unique attractions across the State.

The 2022-23 NSW Budget underpins the NSW Government’s sustained commitment to supporting families in regional New South Wales, with the services and infrastructure they need and unlocking opportunities for a brighter future.

There are more people wanting to live, work and raise a family in regional New South Wales than ever before, reflected in unprecedented population migration from our cities. In the six months to the March quarter 2021 more than 54,000 people moved to regional New South Wales, with almost 80 per cent from capital cities.

To support this growth, the NSW Government’s 2022-23 Budget is ensuring regional communities have access to high-quality services, investing in critical industries, boosting jobs, unearthing new investment opportunities, and improving community infrastructure. The NSW Government’s commitments will continue to invigorate communities and grow industries, with regional families and businesses set to benefit from a new wave of enhancements to local services and amenities.

The Government’s continued investment in regional New South Wales will:

  • Help communities recover from recent natural disasters through targeted programs for impacted families, primary producers, and business owners so no one is left behind.

  • Deliver long-term economic benefit to the State’s regions through transformative infrastructure projects.

  • Create more opportunities and diverse regional economies by investing in local projects, boosting jobs and skills.

  • Support families by reducing the cost of living and enhancing regional communities with high quality services and a skilled and growing workforce.

  • Empower First Nations communities to support their cultural, social and economic wellbeing.

  • Leave a better planet for future generations by protecting and enhancing regional wildlife and the environment and growing a clean economy.

Highlights of the Government’s new and existing key regional investments are included in this document.