This is a budget that builds for the next generation.

It provides for the present and positions us for the future.

It harvests dividends from six years of reform and ploughs them back into our local communities.

And it sows the seeds of success so our children will one day reap the rewards of a better New South Wales.

Our State is on a journey of growth and change.

By 2056, over 11 million people will call New South Wales home.

We will live longer and work longer.

Our economy is likely to be more than double in size.

And demand for services and infrastructure will increase, placing budgets under even more pressure.

This is the tomorrow we must prepare for today.

We are living through a time of transformation.

The map of our State is being redrawn before our very eyes.

Greater Sydney is evolving into a global metropolis of three separate cities - Sydney, Parramatta and the Western Sydney Airport.

And this shift will further change the game for our State.

It’s been said the future belongs to those who hear it coming.

This government hears the future loud and clear.

We are not waiting for it to come to us - we are acting now.

This is the reason we moved with such urgency to repair our budget, rebuild our infrastructure and restart our economy.

We did this to free our hands, roll up our sleeves and lay the foundations of our future state.

These foundations are the projects underway like WestConnex, NorthConnex, Sydney Metro and the light rail networks.

And the new projects we are planning - like the Western Harbour Tunnel, the Beaches Link, the F6, and the M12.

This is the backbone that will support us for decades to come.

We understand our State is in many ways still under construction - and that the benefits of these projects have not yet arrived.

We acknowledge the inconveniences this can cause.

But today we say to the people of New South Wales: a new dawn is coming.

And this budget tells the story of a future we are creating together.