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My Community Dividend (MCD) is a new initiative that gives the people of NSW the power to propose and choose projects that will strengthen and enhance their local communities. 

We want to hear your ideas about how to make your communities more liveable, cultural, accessible, safe, revitalised and healthy.

An initial $27.5 million has been allocated for MCD projects in 2018-19 as part of the State Budget.

All you need to do is come up with a community-focussed idea and get the support of a local organisation that can deliver the project.

Then vote for your favourite ideas to make your community an even better place to live. 

You decide what your community needs because you know your community best.

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Frequently asked questions

MCD is a new initiative made possible by the creation of the NSW Generations Fund that gives the people of NSW the power to nominate and select ideas to enhance their local communities. Watch our video for more information.

This year, $27.5 million will go directly to communities for eligible projects proposed and voted for by NSW residents.

You can seek funding of between $20,000-$200,000 for your idea. 

Any NSW resident aged 16 and over can propose and vote online for a project idea that will improve their local area and that aligns with one of the six Project Themes:

  • Safe communities
  • Accessible communities
  • Revitalising communities
  • Healthy communities
  • Liveable communities
  • Cultural communities

In the ideas phase, NSW residents need to identify a local organisation that can sponsor and deliver their idea, and work with that organisation to propose a project budget before submitting. Examples of sponsor organisations include schools, child care centres, local council and non-for-profit community groups. 

Government will undertake an eligibility screen of all submitted proposals, including contacting sponsor organisations to confirm their support and validity, and an initial review of the proposed budget. NSW Treasury and the Department of Premier and Cabinet will assist in undertaking this screening process and draw upon the agency expertise across Government where needed. 

The NGF Advisory Board will also assist Government to help ensure that eligible proposals meet the necessary requirements before ideas are put to an online vote. This oversight will help strengthen the My Community Dividend voting process and help ensure community dollars are well spent.  

Eligible ideas will be put forward for community voting. 

Projects that win the community vote will be funded. 

Both the idea submission and voting will occur online through a dedicated website for My Community Dividend, via Service NSW.

More details on the program and website launch to come soon. 

Anyone in NSW aged 16 and over can participate in the program. 

Individuals can propose and vote for ideas online that improve the wellbeing of their local community.

Eligible local community organisations can sponsor ideas and will be responsible for delivering projects selected for funding through the community vote. 

NSW residents will be able to submit ideas that align with the program’s objectives: to improve the well-being of communities and the lives of New South Wales residents, that are accessible to the community and capable of being completed within twelve - eighteen months (with one-off funding).

Project ideas must align with one of the funding themes:

  • Safe communities
  • Accessible communities
  • Revitalising communities
  • Healthy communities
  • Liveable communities
  • Cultural communities

Ideas for projects that could fall within the project themes are provided for guidance include all ability playgrounds, community mobility services, public gardens, upgrades to local sporting facilities, public artworks and festivals, programs for at risk youth and healthy lifestyle initiatives. 

More information on eligible project ideas will be released with the Program Guidelines later this year.

As part of the application process, all NSW applicants will need to identify an eligible organisation to sponsor their idea and to deliver the project if successful. Examples of potential sponsor organisations include schools, local councils, child care centres and local sports clubs. 

Private/for-profit organisations are not eligible for funding. 
The organisation must have a registered ABN and be able to administer funds.

More information on eligible organisations will be available soon.

Make sure you are registered for the latest updates. 

The community vote will be the final determinant of successful projects. Only proposals that meet the eligibility criteria will be shortlisted to go through to the community vote. Government will check that all applications received meet the eligibility criteria before progressing to the vote, including:

  • Confirmation that proposed ideas align with one of the funding themes
  • Initial assessment of the project budget
  • Verification of the nominated Sponsor Organisation, including confirmation of support
  • Confirmation of guardian support where an applicant is aged 16 or 17.

If a project doesn’t fulfil the eligibility criteria, it will not progress to the voting stage.

More detail on the eligibility criteria will be available when the online My Community Dividend portal goes live later this year.

The project sponsor of each funded project will receive the funding and be responsible for delivering the project according to agreed delivery milestones. 

At a project level, there will be standard community grants checks and acquittal processes in place to ensure that funds are appropriately and efficiently spent.  

My Community Dividend will be acquitted in line with standard government processes for grants programs.

Funding will be distributed equally across all 93 NSW state electorates to ensure all communities throughout the State have the opportunity to secure a range of winning projects

In the next 12 months. 

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The NSW Generations Fund (NGF) is a dual-purpose sovereign fund that combines the objectives of debt retirement with citizen-led community investment.

To ensure the benefits of today can be shared with the generations of tomorrow, the NGF will offset the State’s debt burden over the longer term, while sharing a portion of investment returns with communities today through the My Community Dividend (MCD) program.

As the NGF grows, up to 50 per cent of investment returns will support local communities through the My Community Dividend initiative. 

The NSW Generations Fund (NGF) is a world-first sovereign fund that combines the dual-purpose of debt retirement with citizen-led community investment. 

The NGF’s assets are dedicated to debt retirement, offsetting the State’s debt in line with the principles of the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2012 and supporting the triple-A credit rating. 

As the NGF grows, up to 50 per cent of the investment returns will enable investment in local communities through My Community Dividend. 

This world-first dual-purpose fund will benefit present and future generations of NSW residents, keeping debt at sustainable levels over the longer term while investing in community well-being today.

The NGF will be seeded with $3 billion from the State’s balance sheet reserves, and will grow through the retention of investment earnings and the addition of new assets over time.

The Government intends to include the State’s future minority interest in WestConnex once the upcoming sale of the 51 per cent share is completed.

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