Building for today’s generation to support the next 

Over the last seven years, the NSW Government has laid the foundations for a new era of growth and opportunity. Key to this has been our asset recycling program, allowing reinvestment into local communities. The 2018–19 Budget announced 170 new and upgraded schools, and the planning and development of over 40 new and upgraded hospital builds. 

Since the Budget, the Government has announced the investment of $189.0 million towards the full redevelopment of Griffith Hospital.

NSW Generations Fund 

Securing tomorrow delivering today
Launched as part of the 2018–19 Budget, the NSW Generations Fund is a sovereign fund offering unprecedented stability and sustainability to the government’s fiscal position across generations. The Fund’s initial balance was $3.0 billion. This has now been increased to $10.0 billion – made possible by the recent WestConnex transaction. 

Through the My Community Project*, starting in 2019, the benefits of transactions like WestConnex will continue to be shared by everyone in NSW for years to come.

Setting the future success of NSW 

National Schools Reform Agreement (Gonski 2.0)
In November 2018, the NSW Government committed an additional $6.4 billion over 10 years into the future of the children of NSW.

NSW’s Gonski 2.0 agreement with the Commonwealth Government was signed with the aim of ensuring every child in NSW, no matter where they live, their family circumstances, or the school they attend, is given every opportunity at the best start in life and delivering the education to help children get the jobs for the future. 

*My Community Project was formerly known as My Community Dividend.