High-quality services delivered by a strong and growing workforce

This Budget continues to build a brighter future for regional communities, providing high-quality services, creating opportunities for children and young people, and supporting families by boosting household budgets.

The NSW Government will continue building a robust economy that propels prosperity for decades to come, bolstering frontline services and investing $1.6 billion in projects to strengthen communities, underpinned by a significant expansion of the Regional Growth Fund.

Support for our regional health system

  • $6.5 billion over 10 years for 32 new or upgraded hospitals in rural and regional New South Wales, with works already under way, or commencing in 2022-23.

  • $2.4 billion over 10 years to provide flexible and bespoke recruitment and retention incentives to build and sustain the rural and regional health workforce. This includes increasing training positions locally and supporting professional development to build the skills and expertise to meet regional needs.

  • $1.8 billion to invest in Ambulance NSW across the State, with new ambulance stations at Warilla, Lisarow, Gateshead, Swansea and Kincumber.

  • $149.5 million to expand access to, and eligibility for, the Isolated Patient Travel and Accommodation Scheme, allowing more people in remote locations to access critical healthcare services over four years.

  • $3.0 million to enhance the regional health directory to deliver an expanded customer-centric and geographically based health directory for regional New South Wales.

Support for regional youth

  • $59.0 million for additional regional youth initiatives to support children and young people across regional New South Wales, framed around four key pillars - Work Ready, Wellbeing, Connectivity and Community- and informed by regional priorities.

Support for cross-border communities

Floods, pandemic border restrictions and bushfires created a unique challenge for more than two million Australians who live close to the States borders.

The NSW Government is expanding its support for these communities with $13.3 million to the Office of the NSW Cross-Border Commissioner, to:

  • modernise cross-border arrangements through interjurisdictional agreements

  • advocate for cross-border communities, businesses and organisations.