Strong economies with opportunities for all

The NSW Government is committed to growing stronger regional economies and communities by investing in vital job-creating projects delivering locally based infrastructure and key services.

Prosperous regions mean a strong state as a whole. The NSW Government is continuing its record investment to drive job creation and retention and ensure that all engine industries continue to be strong.

The 2022-23 NSW Budget will unlock new opportunities in emerging sectors and future industries so regional economies strengthen and grow over the coming years. Key investments to support engine industries and unlock new opportunities include:

  • $296.5 million for the Multipurpose Services Strategy Stage 5, with 19 centres delivered so far and two under way in 2022-23.

  • $145.7 million to deliver the Mission-Critical Emergency Services Messaging Program for a centralised emergency services paging network.

  • $145.0 million to establish the Regional Investment Activation Program to make regional New South Wales the location of choice for investors, facilitating new private sector investment to activate the potential of priority precincts and industries.

  • $130.0 million to grow investment in mining and exploration by implementing the NSW Critical Minerals and High-Tech Metals Strategy, providing enabling infrastructure and developing skills in critical minerals mining and processing.

  • $28.0 million to support landowners to implement new Private Native Forestry Codes of Practice to encourage forest stewardship, diversify on-farm incomes and improve productivity and environmental outcomes for farm forestry.

  • $9.0 million for a Regional Concierge Service to attract key workers to the regions, focusing on factors outside work that influence a persons decision to live and work in regional areas.

  • $3.6 million to continue supporting young pre-elite athletes in the lead up to the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games.

  • $1.2 million to support local businesses to expand and supply the defence and aerospace industry through the Regional Defence Networks Program.