2021-22 Half-Yearly Review

Prosperity not austerity – that’s the key message of the 2021-22 Half-Yearly Review.

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A Budget that builds
on the State’s success

Read the 2021-22 Budget Papers.

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Keeping NSW safe while
accelerating our recovery

The NSW Government has committed more than $4.0 billion to help the healthcare system manage the ongoing impacts of COVID-19.

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Supporting individuals and
families with the cost of living

More than $6.0 billion in new and existing rebates, concessions and cost of living measures.

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Driving productivity and
increasing living standards

A growing economy will enable us to maintain high-quality services, build our resilience to future challenges and create opportunities.

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Regional NSW is a key
component of the State’s
economic success

Accounting for around 34 per cent of NSW’s population and around 25 per cent of the economy.

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Outcome budgeting

What matters most are the outcomes achieved for the people of NSW.

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