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COVID-19 response and recovery

At the pandemic's outset, the NSW Government had the fiscal capacity and strong economic foundations to support its people and economy through the worst of the pandemic.

  • The Government paid more than $11 billion in response to the Delta outbreak to keep businesses afloat, people in jobs and the community safe (including up to $3.5 billion contributed by the Commonwealth Government).

  • About $200 million delivered in response to the Omicron outbreak to support businesses and vulnerable communities.

  • $2.8 billion committed for the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Package.

  • More than 64 per cent of people aged 16 and over have received a third vaccination against COVID-19.

  • By May 2022, about 50 million rapid antigen test kits had been delivered to schools and early childhood education providers.

  • $4.1 billion invested in the health response to COVID-19 in 2021-22.

The economy will continue to be supported by targeted recovery measures into 2022-23.

  • About $2.3 billion (excluding infrastructure and health) to deliver a range of measures to support the State's economic recovery. Ongoing commitments include:

    • $192.0 million Parents NSW program to reward and thank eligible NSW households for their efforts to support learning from home in 2021

    • $155.0 million Before and After School Care program, providing a $500 voucher towards the cost of before and after-school care for every child in New South Wales

    • $130.0 million Mental Health and Wellbeing package

    • $66.2 million Alfresco Restart Package and $50.0 million CBDs Revitalisation Program to bring the streets of New South Wales back to life with outdoor dining, live music and entertainment

    • A range of regional projects, including $40.0 million for priority regional infrastructure.

  • An additional $961.4 million for the ongoing health costs of the continued management of COVID-19 including fever clinics, long COVID-19 clinics, and infection prevention and control.