Flood response and rebuilding

Across New South Wales, 61 LGAs were Disaster Declared as a result of the February and March 2022 storms and floods. In response to these events, the NSW and Commonwealth governments have jointly committed $3.5 billion to support impacted communities, including:

  • $350.0 million for immediate clean-up assistance for properties and other public, community and environmental assets, and waste disposal.

  • $350.0 million for the procurement and management of temporary and medium-term housing in approved sites to support people unable to secure stable, ongoing accommodation because of the floods.

  • $312.5 million to deliver State and local government transport infrastructure resilience improvements to reinforce and upgrade infrastructure and assets.

  • Housing and accommodation support, including:

    • $285.2 million for rental assistance support, temporary housing measures and a housing flood recovery service

    • $168.0 million for social and police housing support

    • $112.5 million for Back Home grants to help restore housing to a habitable condition.

  • Establishing the Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation to set and implement reconstruction priorities in the region, working closely with communities.

  • A range of grant programs to help businesses, primary producers, not-for-profit organisations, families and individuals return to their lives as quickly and as safely as possible.

The NSW economy has rebounded strongly

  • All the decline in employment during the Delta outbreak has been recovered.

  • Job vacancies are at record levels.

  • Retail sales are 6.5 per cent higher over the four months to April despite disruptions from the Omicron strain and wet weather.

  • Business confidence is almost double the decade average.

Image of New South Wales SES crews rescuing a llama and its owner from the 2022 floods