Western Sydney City Deal

The Western Sydney City Deal (the City Deal), signed on 4 March 2018, is a landmark agreement between all three levels of government that will drive economic growth, enhanced connectivity, liveability and sustainability for the people of Western Sydney. This builds on the Commonwealth Government's $5.3 billion commitment towards the new Western Sydney Airport.

As at August 2021, 11 out of the 38 commitments agreed under the City Deal have been completed.

The NSW Government is continuing to implement the City Deal and engaging in consistent and open collaboration across all three levels of government to strengthen Western Sydney's vibrant culture and lifestyle. This will make it an even better place to live.

Key investments under the City Deal include:

  • $1.7 billion in 2022-23 for continued construction for the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport line, a metro rail link connecting St Marys to the new Western Sydney International (Nancy- Bird Walton) Airport and the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. The project is a key part of delivering an integrated transport system for the Western Parkland City. Strategic planning has identified future extensions and connections to service the Western Parkland City. A business case will be prepared for a south-eastern extension of the Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport project from the current southern terminus at Bradfield to Glenfield.

  • $113.9 million in 2022-23 towards the continuation of Stage 1 Enabling Works to establish, remediate and allow site access to the new Bradfield City Centre.

  • $39.0 million in 2022-23 to continue the establishment of Bradfield's first high-tech building which will house shared-use equipment for research institutions and industry to collaborate.

  • $26.6 million in 2022-23 towards the continuation of the Western Parkland City Liveability Program, which provides vital community infrastructure and public spaces across eight City Deal council areas.

  • $12.7 million in 2022-23 towards the continuation of the New Education Training Model pilot aimed at helping advanced industries access skilled labour.

  • $1.9 million in 2022-23 towards the continuation of the Place-based Infrastructure Compact program in the new Greater Penrith to Eastern Creek growth area.

  • The development of a South-West Sydney Community and Justice Precinct strategic business case, expected to be completed in 2022-23.

Western Sydney will continue to be the heart of Australia's high-tech manufacturing capability with the new Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF) funded as part of the State's commitment to the City Deal. This Budget invests $10.0 million in 2022-23 ($261.9 million over 10 years) towards its establishment. The AMRF will support up to 200 direct and 1,000 indirect jobs in the Bradfield City Centre by 2032, supporting the NSW Government's commitment to deliver 200,000 jobs by 2056 in the Western Parkland City as part of the City Deal.

Render of AMRF
Render of AMRF