This Budget invests to support families, create opportunities and improve quality of life for people living in Western Sydney for decades to come.

The NSW Government is investing in a range of measures to support families, build communities, give children and young people the best start to life, and strengthen our frontline services.

Boosting household budgets

This Budget invests in new and expanded measures to take the strain off NSW households. This includes energy bill relief and toll relief schemes, and making childcare, preschool and pre-kindergarten affordable for every child in New South Wales.

These measures will be available to all households across New South Wales, including Western Sydney. These include:

  • A new broad-based Toll Rebate Scheme where, every quarter, eligible non-business and small business customers will receive a 40 per cent cash rebate for every dollar spent on tolls once they have reached a minimum of $375.

  • The Energy Bill Buster program to help eligible households reduce their gas and electricity bills by providing technology solutions, including solar panels and high-efficiency appliances.

  • The Back to School program, which provides $150 to every NSW school child towards the cost of school supplies in 2023, including school uniforms and shoes, bags, textbooks, lesson resources and other stationery.

Delivering affordable childcare

The Brighter Beginnings Affordable Preschool initiative in this Budget will provide fee relief of up to $4,000 per child for families with children across both the community and mobile preschool and long daycare sectors.

As part of this Budget, the NSW Government will also create the Affordable and Accessible Childcare and Economic Participation Fund (the Fund) with landmark funding of up to $5.0 billion over 10 years to boost access and affordability of early childhood education and care.

This investment of up to $5.0 billion, combined with reforms to the Commonwealth Child Care Subsidy, will boost the number of childcare places across New South Wales by up to 47,000 once operating at full capacity in 2026-27.

Supporting home ownership

This Budget also delivers measures to boost housing supply and support home ownership. Measures available to all households across New South Wales include:

  • The introduction of an option for first home buyers purchasing a home for up to $1.5 million to pay an annual property tax instead of upfront stamp duty.

  • A two-year trial of a shared equity scheme for up to 6,000 eligible single parents, older singles and first home buyers who are teachers, nurses or police.