Stronger regions, stronger opportunities

Regional New South Wales is a key driver of the State's economic success, and one-third of the NSW population have made the regions their permanent home. Thousands more spend time in the regions each year at holiday homes, for study and work, to visit family and friends and experience unique tourist attractions.

The NSW Government is continuing to support regional communities in building a better future:

Regional health

  • $2.4 billion over 10 years to provide flexible and bespoke recruitment and retention incentives to build and sustain the rural and regional health workforce. This includes increasing training positions locally and supporting professional development to build the skills and expertise to meet regional needs.

Regional economic activation

  • Expanding the Regional Growth Fund, with a further $1.3 billion to continue the successful program which has invested in more than 2,700 projects since 2017. This includes:

    • $250.0 million over three years to expand the Stronger Country Communities Fund, for grassroots projects to reinvigorate rural communities across regional New South Wales

    • $230.0 million to support tourism development projects and enabling infrastructure, leveraging recent significant growth in regional tourism and supporting job creation

    • $220.0 million over three years to expand the Resources for Regions program, supporting the ongoing prosperity of mining communities by improving economic opportunities, local amenities and creating positive social outcomes

    • $175.0 million for economic activation, providing investment to existing key regional industries in regional New South Wales

    • $100.0 million for the Regional Job Creation Fund to support NSW businesses to grow and incentivise interstate and international businesses to invest in regional New South Wales

    • $65.0 million for Regional Events Acceleration to allow them to reach a wider audience across regional New South Wales

    • $20.0 million to support projects and events for the activation of business opportunities in community facilities.

  • $391.3 million for the Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct, to support the development of the regional visitor economy and transition the region to a year-round destination to increase investment and jobs in the area.

  • $369.6 million for initiatives through the Safe and Secure Water Program, including $90.0 million in new funding to address water supply, quality and safety risks for regional towns.

  • $163.9 million in 2022-23 to bolster the State's response capability and readiness for future biosecurity incursions.

  • $59.0 million for additional regional youth initiatives to support children and young people across regional New South Wales.

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