Empowering First Nations communities

The 2022-23 NSW Budget will invest $715.8 million in First Nations policies, programs, and to help meet NSW's targets under the National 'Closing the Gap' agreement, as part of the existing $1.19 billion of planned expenditure, including:

  • $317.3 million for appropriate housing, land rights and interests, and essential community infrastructure, including:

    • $9.9 million to develop culturally responsible building standards and design principles for First Nations housing in partnership with First Nations communities

    • For more First Nations housing measures, see the measures listed under the $2.8 billion housing package.

  • $178.8 million to support young First Nations people to thrive, measures include:

    • $98.7 million to expand existing Aboriginal Child and Family Centres and build nine new centres to provide a mix of culturally safe services and support for First Nations families with children aged up to 8 years

    • $43.5 million for the Clontarf Foundation and other First Nations education providers to support First Nations students and undertake external quality assurance

    • $10.6 million to support First Nations communities across New South Wales to self-determine and deliver local, regional and state-wide educational services

    • $9.9 million to pilot a Child and Family Advocacy and Support program to provide legal and non-legal advocacy to families at risk of having their children removed through holistic early assistance.

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